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Amanda Branon

Amanda Branon

Private Wealth Advisor

I grew up understanding the importance of financial planning, being the daughter of a Financial Planner and owner of a successful financial planning practice in Casper, Wyoming for over 40 years. My mother, Kathy Sasser, taught me the importance of being financially responsible from a very young age and why I have to save a portion of every dollar I earn. Upon graduation from Regis University with a BA in Sociology, I became a social worker helping families who were in the welfare system. I love kids and I wanted to help people improve their lives!

After several years of social work, I didn’t feel like I was making real measurable impact in people’s lives. My mother explained how as a financial planner, she helps her clients by translating their wants, needs, and values into a financial plan that builds and preserves their hard earned wealth over a lifetime.

In 2010, I joined my mother’s financial planning practice so that her love and dedication to her clients’ financial well-being could be carried on to future generations. At Lincoln Financial Advisors, I utilize an effective combination of knowledgeable professionals, innovative strategies, depth and breadth of resources to build a comprehensive financial plan that our clients can have complete confidence in. Our team believes in commitment and dedication to our clients and we do not make any recommendations to our clients that we would not put our own money into. We stand behind our financial planning work for years to come. We truly believe in our Serve First philosophy which means we only have one desire: the desire to do the very best job we can for our clients.

Today as a financial planner and working mom of 4 young children, I feel blessed that I can indeed make immeasurable impact in our clients’ lives and our community as a whole. I can often be found at my kids’ activities, playing in Mom’s League Soccer, and at the office:

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